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Demo Juger Petain

Personnes Associées: Axel Roebel, Nicolas Obin
Date of Activity: 

Documentary about the process of Philippe Pétain

A few of the voices that are present in the film Juger Petain produced by MAHA Production, have been created using the Voice Conversion algorithm of the the analysis synthesis team.

The voices created cover the persons: Philippe Petain, Paul Reynaud, Léon Blum, Pierre Laval, Édouard Daladier.

As an example we provide here an extract of the original voice of Philippe Petain

the actor speaking the same phrase and imitating the intonation

and the converted actor

Demo extract of the documentary

In the audio examples the original voice of Philippe Petain was available for comparison. A short extract of the final documentary demonstrates the result of the conversion for the parts of the speech for that no speech signals of Philippe Petain's voice were available.

The video extract is displayed here with courtesy of MAHA Production.


  • Produced by: Denis Poncet
  • Written and directed by: Philippe Saada
  • Video cut: Gordana Othnin-Girard
  • Artistic director and sound: Maximilien Colcy
  • Voice of Philippe Petain: Philippe Peythieu
  • Conversion of the voice of Philippe Peythieu: Nicolas Obin, Axel Roebel, Maximilien Colcy