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Activity Period: 
01/10/2005 - 31/10/2008

Indexing and Research in Audio Database

The increase in recordings and the speed of networks makes continual access to music essential today. In other words, a structured description by melody, genre/style, rhythm, instrumentation, musical structure, or harmony. This collaboration with the LTCI/ENST and the LIRIS, supported by the ACI-Masse de données program, develops different means adapted for users that facilitate the construction and use of a structured description: analysis tools and techniques, indexation, information representation and browsing.

In collaboration with the Real-Time Musical Interaction team and the Online Services team, the Sound Analysis and Synthesis team is studying:

  • Building-up a corpus,
  • Instrument indexation,
  • Pitch estimation,
  • Making this technology available online for users.

Another study carried out in collaboration with the CEA examined the fusion of information contained in different media to be used for joint indexation of multimedia documents.

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ACI (Actions Concertées Incitatives)

Program Type

Masse de données