AS Annotation is an application for the analysis and automated or manual annotation of sound files.


Software for viewing, analysis and processing of sounds

Diphone Studio

Diphone Studio is used for sonic morphing.

FLUX ircam Tools: Trax

ircam Tools: Trax


IrcamAlign performs alignment and segmentation of speech signals into phones and diphones, and calculates a measure of confidence for each phone.

Ircambeat (C++, lib, exe)

Estimation tempo, métrique, position des battements et premier temps

Ircamchord (C++, lib, exe)

Estimation suite d'accords et premier temps

Ircamclassifier (C++, lib, exe)

Estimation de la classe d'un son/ morceau

Ircamdescriptor (C++, lib, exe)

Estimation descripteurs audio (audio features)


This is a real-time emulation of the 'Moog Ladder' resonant low-pass filter.

Ircamkeymode (C++, lib, exe)

Estimation tonalité globale d'un morceau

Ircamsummary (C++, lib, exe)

Estimation structure d'un morceau, création résumé audio


The program IrcamTTS (Text-To-Speech Synthesis) synthesises speach of the high quality needed for use in multimedia and the creative arts.


Interface for visualisation of musical content in flash.

Phase minimization and Function of phase-distortion for glottal model estimation

This is Matlab p-code of methods to estimate the parameters of the Liljencrants-Fant glottal model.


sound analysis synthesis based on the sinusoidal signal model.


sound analysis and transformation using phase vocoder and other spectral domain signal representations.


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A library and user interface for the transformation of the voice