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SuperVP (Super Phase Vocoder) is a library and an executable for analysis, synthesis, and transformation of sounds. SuperVP is based on an implementation of the extended phase vocoder using internally a structured time-frequency representation of the sound. SuperVP allows a large set of sound transformations with a very high quality. The transformations available are time scaling with and without preservation of the transient signal components (A. Roebel, 2003a) (A. Roebel, 2003b), pitch shifting with and without preservation of the spectral envelope (A. Roebel, X. Rodet, 2005b), (A. Roebel, F. Villavicencio, X. Rodet, 2007a), filtering, cross synthesis, separation and remixing of components transient and noisy sinusoidal, salaries and reassembled the components of its sources and filters, denoising, etc.. The library provides access to a large number of parameters allowing the precise control algorithms and results. The calculation engine has been extended to allow high quality speech processing. The library also provides a large number of analsyis, including the calculation of standard and reassigned spectrogram, several algorithms for estimating the spectral envelope and of the fundamental frequency as well as transient markers. The library is highly optimized using particularly SIMD vector operators. All features are accessible from the library or an command line executable.

MakeMusic, Inc., Xtranormal, and Univers Sons have already chosen the SuperVP library for their signal transformation applications.

Main Applications

  • Audio Plugins
  • Video Games
  • Film and Music


Portable C++ Code (MacOSX, Windows and Linux) and Max/MSP objects for MacOSX and Windows.

Audio Demos

AudioSculpt, sound examples (SuperVP is the kernel for AudioSculpt).


SuperVP is part of the Ircam Forum Software Suite in the Research group. For more information see the SuperVP page of the Ircam Forum.