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DAFX11 demo: vibrato removal

Specific Research Theme: Sinusoidal model, Phase Vocoder
Associated People: Axel Roebel
Principal Research Theme: Signal Transformation
Associated Project: Sample Orchestrator
Date of Activity: 

This page provides a sound demonstration for the results of the paper Roebel11a.

We display the spectrogram of short extracts of 6 sound signals and unerneath the spectrogram a player for playing the sound signal related to the spectrogram. In the top row of the display youi see two original sound signals playing the same note with the same flute. Left is a version played with vibrato and right is the version played without vibrato.

Orignal flute sound with vibrato

Orignal flute sound without vibrato

Vibrato removal with envelope preservation

Vibrato removal with envelope preservation and global envelope smoothing

Vibrato removal with envelope preservation and envelope smoothing

Vibrato removal by transposing sinusoidal components with envelope preservation and independent noise and sinusoidal envelope smoothing.