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SOR2: Instrument Model Demo

Associated People: Axel Roebel, Henrik Hahn
Associated Project: Sample Orchestrator 2
Associated Software: Pm2, SuperVP
Specific Research Theme: Sinusoidal model, Phase Vocoder
Principal Research Theme: Signal Analysis, Sound Synthesis and Treatment, Signal Transformation
Date of Activity: 

On this page we are presenting sound examples which have been synthesized using our proposed instrument model. The page is organized by certain selected instruments which have been used to train an instrument model and to generate the according source signals. For transformations, we classified three different use cases to demonstrate possible applications of the model.

Use case 1 (One2Many) :

We used one source signal and the belonging instrument model to transform this example into a large variety of sounds with different pitches and or intensity values.

Use case 2 (Many2One) :

Here we have used several different source signals from one instrument and their belonging instrument model to generate signals with one specific pitch and intensity to generate a large variety of a certain target sound.

Use case 3 (Hybridization) :

For hybridization we used one input signal from an instrument and applied the estimated instrument model from another instrument without changing pitch or intensity.

Clarinet Demo

Trumpet Demo

Piano Demo

Note: All sounds on all pages have been converted to MP3 320kBit/sec with Lame encoder 3.98.4