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Voice-transformation Examples

Associated People: Christophe Veaux, Grégory Beller, Snorre Farner, Xavier Rodet
Associated Software: SuperVP-TRaX
Date of Activity: 

A PDF version of the presentation: [PDF]. The demonstration is presented below.

Signal transformation

Original sound

Modification of

Transformation of sex and age

See also demo below.

Other voice transformations

Examples of text-to-speech synthesis

Preliminary examples of expressivity change

Based on training of statistical model and modification of synthesized sentence "Mon chien..."

Demonstration of voice transformation

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© 2008. Characters by Cantoche and voices by Ircam.

The video above shows the effect of applying four different voice transformations (man, old woman, little girl, and young man) to a single voice and assigned each to a cartoon character.

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