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Stefan Huber

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Stefan Huber
Ph.D., former member of Sound Analysis / Synthesis Team, IRCAM
Stefan (dot) Huber (at) ircam (dot) fr
Tel.: +33 (0)1 44 78 49 66


Stefan successfully defended his Ph.D. degree at the Sound Analysis/Synthesis Team of IRCAM within the context of Voice Transformation and Voice Conversion in September 2015. He was initially financed by the ANR CIFRE contract no. 2011/2011, a former collaboration between the research institute IRCAM and the company Acapela Group. Then he was financed by a grant from the ANR Project ChaNTeR to develop a synthesis system for high quality singing voices. His research interests include analysis-transformation-synthesis for spoken and sung voices as well as Statistical and Digital Signal Processing for audio and music. He is currently working as a freelance consultant, comitting his knowledge as Speech Scientist to the relevant industry.

Research project / Ph.D. thesis subject:

High Quality Voice Conversion by modelling and transformation of extended voice characteristics


Master of Science in Sound and Music Computing (Music Technology Group, UPF Barcelona, Spain)

Bachelor of Honours in CS (University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany)

Industrial Electronician (Alcatel company, Gunzenhausen, Germany)

Professional experiences

Acapela (Mons/Bergen, Belgium)

Philips (Leuven/Louvain, Belgium)

Alcatel (Gunzenhausen, Germany)

Teleca (Nuremberg, Germany)

AlcaTech (Dresden, Germany)


Internet Audio Group (R&D centre of Texas Instruments Inc., Bangalore, India)

Vocaloid Team (Center for Advanced Sound Technologies, Yamaha Inc., Hamamatsu, Japan)

Speaking those human tongues:

German (mother tongue)

English (fluent)

Spanish (good)

French (good)

Dutch (intermediate)

Speaking those machine tongues:

Python, Matlab, ASM/C/C++/C#, Shell/Bash, Java, HTML

Specific Research Theme: Singing Synthesis
Principal Research Theme: Signal Analysis, Sound Synthesis and Treatment, Signal Transformation, Voice
Associated People: Axel Roebel, Pierre Lanchantin, Xavier Rodet
Associated Software: IrcamAlign, SuperVP
Position: PhD
Associated Project: ChaNTeR