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Project Form

Researcher Profile

  • Analysis, modelization and transformation of audio signals (music and speech)

  • Analyse et description des styles interprétatifs dans la voix chantée

  • Syllabic segmentation

  • Synthese du Chant

  • Speech synthesis, machine listening (detection, localization, separation), machine learning

  • Hidden Markov Models (HMM) for Image and Speech processing, Speech recognition, HMM Speech synthesis (HTS), Voice Conversion, Signal and Image Segmentation, Data fusion

  • Time Frequency analysis, sinusoidal modelling, sound analysis/synthesis and transformation.

  • Voice Conversion, Analysis-Transformation-Synthesis for Spoken and Sung Voices, Statistical Models, Digital Signal Processing for Audio/Music

  • Voice analysis/synthesis, physical modelling, larynx exploration

  • Blind Source Separation

Software Form