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Axel Roebel

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Axel Röbel
1, place Igor-Stravinsky
75004 Paris, France
phone: +33 1 4478 4845
fax: +33 1 4478 1540


Axel Röbel is research director IRCAM working on audio signal analysis, modeling, and transformation using especially frequency domain signal representations.


  • high quality signal transformation based on the phase vocoder representation
  • additive signal models using advanced algorithms for the analysis and representation of non-stationary signals and the development of Pm2, IRCAMs software for sinusoidal analysis/synthesis.
  • structured signal models and perceptually pertinent signal descriptors (fundamental frequency, spectral envelope, ...)
  • signal decomposition
  • polyphonic f0 estimation


  • ISiS: singing synthesis software written in python.
  • SuperVP: an extended phase vocoder software allowing high quality transformations of music and speech signals, implementing new techniques for spectral envelope estimation and transformation. SuperVP is a cross platform library that is used in from of a command line application (SuperVP) that is used in AudioSculpt and OpenMusic as well as in form of a real time signal transformation modules which is used in Max/MSP and SuperVP-TRaX.
  • VoiceForger: real time voice transformation library based on SuperVP.
  • Pm2 library and application for analysis/synthesis using advanced sinusoidal signal models
  • MatMTL a matlab compatible c++ template library
  • Mat2MTL a matlab to c++ compiler based on MatMTL
  • LibFFT a support library for cross platform vectorized FFT calculation

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Specific Research Theme: Sinusoidal model, Source Separation, Signal Enhancement, Singing Synthesis, Automatic Music Transcription, Phase Vocoder, Pitch Estimation
Principal Research Theme: Audio Scene Analsysis, Signal Analysis, Music Content Description, Sound Synthesis and Treatment, Signal Transformation, Voice
Associated People: Céline Jacques, Chunghsin Yeh, Henrik Hahn, Luc Ardaillon, Stefan Huber, Wei-Hsiang Liao
Associated Software: AudioSculpt, FLUX ircam Tools: Trax, Pm2, SuperVP, SuperVP-TRaX, VoiceForger, Xspect
Position: Head
Associated Project: 3DTVS, ChaNTeR, PHYSIS, ROUTE, Sample Orchestrator, Sample Orchestrator 2